June 30, 2013


June is my official inspiration month. I do it every year now. I go to see every single degree show I possibly can. Fashion, Photography, Fine Art, Textiles, Performance, Graphic Design, Sculpture, Film & Video. Don't let the medium ever get in the way.

"You never know what will happen, what will trigger the ideas. If you catch an idea, any idea, it wasn't there and then...and then it's there. It might just be a small fragment of a feature film, a song, a lyric, or whatever. But it's all there." (David Lynch)

July is about applying all that. New series, website updates, and projects on the way soon.


To keep you going, an outtake from last month's shoot for Hunger:

May 27, 2013

New Shoot: Hunger TV

First commission for Rankin's Hunger TV from earlier this month. Shot for their Girls Girls Girls theme. Including images of Patti Smith, Grimes, Madonna, Lauren Bacall, and Romy xx amongst others. 

Check the link for the full series. 'Outtakes' (yeah, I shot a lot more) soon:



(Romy Madley-Croft - The xx)

April 23, 2013

Featured: Hunger TV

Yeah yeah, I'm behind on this again. New series, shoots, and commissions coming soon.

Thank you to Hunger TV (Rankin's Magazine) for featuring the series 'Fragments' last month. I might be over the shock now.  



Fragments II shhhhhhhh

February 28, 2013

Eclectic Society interview

So, I've been interviewed. Godard, zombie appocalypse, Courtney Love, fairytale, madness, getting 'dirty', and the depths of my photography (drug) addiction. One brand new secret image too. Click the link to read on:




January 27, 2013

Featured: Empty Kingdom

This is a late one and I confess to back-dating it a little - I hate to miss a month - but I was really pleased to be featured by Empty Kingdom in Decemeber. With quotes taken from the about page of the new website:


“I don’t think it’s enough to just take photos anymore…I’m working towards what I call a poorer photography.”

Let’s all grab a strong Bloody Mary or Mimosa on this Monday morning, and take in the works of Flyn Vibert.

“My whole approach is physical, there is no Photoshop or re-touch. I appropriate, I manipulate and juxtapose, I re-light (this is crucial) and then I re-photograph…My practice takes me so far that I really don’t know any more (or even care) whether I’m an artist or a photographer.”

They dug a good selection of images too. Some old, some new. This was always a favourite. Karen O at the peak of my infatuation for her:

December 17, 2012


I'm a little behind on this, but I've also been picked up on Trendhunter in the last month. Hitting the top 10 in fashion photography for the week...unexpected.


"With the absence of Photoshop and re-touching, British photographer Flyn Vibert creates a phantasmal mood in his work. Instagram and photo filters are easily recognizable these days, and Vibert sets himself apart making handmade filters in conjunction with re-lighting and re-shooting for the final effect. His main narratives follow themes of illusion and hallucination along with the ancient, while his work contradicts this combination with raw elements of reality.

For a look that can easily be described as macabre and melancholy, Vibert’s handmade filters use materials such as milk, coffee and sugar for the final effect, making an alternative in fashion editorials that are usually glossy and rely on airbrushing—Vibert is pushing in the other direction.

This emerging take on photography is being dubbed “poorer photography,” meaning “no Photoshop, no retouching, no darkroom manipulation, just photography.” This style is easily recognizable for its raw elements and apocalyptic take on fashion."

And right now, you can see me just edging into the top 20 for the month.


November 30, 2012


A bit of blog action to share with you.


"Fragments by British photographer Flyn Vibert is his first full fashion editorial. What makes this editorial unique in the world of fashion is that there is no photoshop or re-touching. In art maybe, but in fashion this is practically unheard of in nearly two decades.
It is refreshing to see an editorial with magical and ethereal elements that is raw yet well crafted as in Fragments. So raw in fact, that some images were shot using raw ingredients such as coffee, milk, and sugar. An editorial with many layers to be revealed."

Thank you to Anna from Eclectic Society for the kind words.